On-location Food Photography
All prices include Professional Photo Retouching. Prices are only for on-location within the GTA. Extra charges apply to outside GTA services.


$1000   -   Includes 2 hours of photoshoot with unlimited number of food items. Also includes 4
               professionaly retouched photos using photoshop, includes 2 poster prints. All images on CD with high resolution copyrights.

$1500   -   Includes 2 hours of photo shoot with unlimited number of food items and unlimited images, 
               6 images professionally retouched, 4 poster designs with poster-size prints for your windows/walls. All images on CD with high resolution copyrights.

$4000 -  Ideal for small to medium size restaurants - Complete Restaurant Set-up/Makeover - Includes full day shooting, unlimited number of images and number of food/beverage items, 10 professionally retouched images with customization (specials, prices etc), 20 Hand-Held menus and 5 Wall-Menu Posters with prices and dishes offered printed on quality vinyl. Flyer design (flyer printing not included). Includes business card design and basic website 2-year subscription for your business. Exmaple: www.MyRestaurant123.com. Price may vary for larger restaurants. Prices also may vary for corporate and franchise restaurants.
Please contact for further details about other available options and packages. All other commercial services available.